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I began my career as an early childhood educator with a masters from NYU. I worked in NYC public schools and an international school. Upon beginning a family I decided to stay home and focus on my role as mom, which I learned is the hardest job! As my family grew older, I decided to go back to the work place and combine my love of health and yoga with my background in education.

I am a certified health coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I studied multiple dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques and innovative coaching methods. My health coaching degree equipped me with extensive knowledge in holistic nutrition, health coaching, and preventive health.


I am a children's yoga and mindfulness instructor with degrees from Karma Kids and Little Flower Yoga. I presently work in various school and private settings with a range of children.

I Am Also


  • A happy plant eater: I fell in love with eating plants when I became vegan. While I am no longer vegan, I incorporate many plant-based recipes into our family meals. We all LOVE them and feel great as a result!


  • A swimmer, tennis player, yogi and nature lover: I have enjoyed each of these practices for years, but what I adore now is participating in them with my family. Movement keeps us energized, connected and happy.


  • A Pizza Bagel: Though not officially, I feel like a proud mix of my Jewish family and my husband’s (and first love) Italian family. These tribes have taught me so much about love, food and happiness.


  • A friend: Whether it’s my childhood friends or the amazing moms I have met later in life, I adore being a friend. My friends make me laugh and feel loved which I consider vital for my well-being.


  • A traveler: My husband and I packed up our NYC apartment and moved across the world to India. Our two years working and traveling there were eye-opening, to say the least.


  • A believer: I trust that we are all faced with challenges. For me, what matters lies in what we learn from them and how we move forward as a better version of ourselves.




If I can change, so can you. Here are some of my secrets....


1. I grew up loving Chef Boyardee and Fruit Roll-Ups, I now crave greens and real fruit.

2. I used to hit snooze many times before getting out of bed, these days I love my morning walk before my house gets up!

3. I blew my hair straight for years, until I was inspired to be natural from my childrens’ amazing curls.

4. I learned to cook recently, from my loving husband. I still make a total mess and many mistakes.

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