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I have been on a journey of yoga, mindfulness, health and education from the beginning of my career as an early childhood educator. My years as a classroom teacher and mom of three amazing girls laid the foundation on which my yoga instruction is built. 

My practice and classes integrate my various experiences, training and degrees from Karma Kids Yoga, Little Flower Yoga, Nexus Institute, Arhnata and The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  I have had the pleasure of working with mothers and their babies, children from 3 years old to those heading to college and staff. I have learned from each yogi along the way and value their wisdom.

I Am Also


  • A happy plant eater: I fell in love with eating plants when I became vegan. While I am no longer vegan, I incorporate many plant-based recipes into our family meals. We all LOVE them and feel great as a result!


  • A swimmer, tennis player, yogi and nature lover: I have enjoyed each of these practices for years, but what I adore now is participating in them with my family. Movement keeps us energized, connected and happy.


  • A Pizza Bagel: Though not officially, I feel like a proud mix of my Jewish family and my husband’s (and first love) Italian family. These tribes have taught me so much about love, food and happiness.


  • A friend: Whether it’s my childhood friends or the amazing moms I have met later in life, I adore being a friend. My friends make me laugh and feel loved which I consider vital for my well-being.


  • A traveler: My husband and I packed up our NYC apartment and moved across the world to India. Our two years working and traveling there were eye-opening, to say the least.


  • A believer: I trust that we are all faced with challenges. For me, what matters lies in what we learn from them and how we move forward as a better version of ourselves.




If I can change, so can you. Here are some of my secrets....


1. I grew up loving Chef Boyardee and Fruit Roll-Ups, I now crave greens and real fruit.

2. I used to hit snooze many times before getting out of bed, these days I love my morning walk before my house gets up!

3. I blew my hair straight for years, until I was inspired to be natural from my childrens’ amazing curls.

4. I learned to cook recently, from my loving husband. I still make a total mess and many mistakes.

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